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Indefinite — a, an


  • Before a singular noun which is countable when it is mentioned for the first time and represents no particular person or thing.
    «A horse is a noble animal.»
  • Before a singular countable noun which is used as an example of a class of things.
    «A book is something you read.»
  • With a noun complement, including names of professions.
    «She is a doctor, he became a famous actor.»
  • In certain numerical expressions.
    «a dozen, a hundred»
  • In expressions of price, speed, ratio.
    ”60 miles an hour, 4 hours a day, 30p a box”
  • With «few» and «little»
    ”a few people, a little sugar”
  • In exclamations before singular,countable nouns.What a pity! What a sunny day!”
  • It can be placed before Mr., Mrs, Miss, Ms + surname.
    ”a Mr. Brown phoned today.”

Not Used

  • Before plural nouns.
    «Horses are noble animals.»
  • Before uncountable nouns
    «Milk is good for you.»
  • Before abstract nouns.
    «Fear is natural.»
  • Before names of meals except when preceded by an adjective.
    «We had a late breakfast and decided to miss lunch.»

Definite — the


  • Before nouns of which there is only one.  «The earth is round.»
  • Before a noun which has become definite as a result of being mentioned a second time. “We saw a good film last night. It was the film you recommended.”
  • Before a noun made definite by the addition of a phrase or clause.
    «The woman dressed in black.»
  • Before a noun which, by reason of locality, can represent only one particular thing.
    «There’s a bee in the kitchen.»
  • Before superlatives and «first», «second» and «only»
    «The longest river in the world.»
  • Before singular nouns used to represent a class of objects.
    «The donkey is a very obstinate animal.»
  • Before an adjective used to represent a class of persons.
    «That tax hurts the rich.»
  • Before names of seas, rivers, chains of mountains, groups of islands and plural names of countries.
    Pacific Ocean, the Thames, the Andes, the West Indies, the Netherlands«
  • Before musical instruments.

Not Used

  • Before countries, towns, proper names.
  • Before abstract nouns.
    «Jealousy can be dangerous.»
  • Before parts of the body and articles of clothing — these normally prefer a possessive adjective.
    «Lift your left arm.» ; «He removed his hat.»
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