Strani jezici

1) Manal gets up at six o’clock. ( When)
2) Diana bought a new computer. ( What)
3) Youssef called the police. (Who)
4) The first school for the blind was opened in 1771. (When)
5) The food tastes very delicious. (What)
6) Farmers grow sugar cane to get sugar. ( Why)
7) Sarah studies English at school. (Where)
8) Siham is interested in information technology. (What)
9) A sales assistant works in a shop. ( Where)
10) I’m polite friendly and quiet. (What kind)
11) Louis Braille died in 1852. (When)
12) A drill is used for making holes. (What)
13) Dan was born in Canada. (Where)
14) They go to school by bus. (How)
15) Lyle is fourteen years old. ( How old)
16) Tim is younger than Paul. (Who)
17) He stopped playing because he was injured. (Why)
18) I have been waiting for you for two hours. (How long)
19) This plane can fly at 500 Km per hour. (How fast)
20) Reda couldn’t catch the train, so he took a taxi. (Why)
21) I like English more than French. (Which)
22) Ahmed plays tennis every Sunday. (How often)
23) They went to Rabat by train. (How)
24) Yes, she has a car. (Does)
25) I’m a friendly and funny person. (What kind)
26) I’m watching TV at the moment. (What)
27) He’s been studying English for five years. (How long)
28) I was born in Fes. (Where)
29) I was born in September, 1989. ( When)
30) We go to school to learn. ( Why)
31) Mouna was happy because she won a prize. ( Why)
32) It’s quarter to nine. (What)
33) I have been here for two months. (How long)
34) Mr. Ali started to teach us last week. (When)
35) I live in Agadir. (Where)
36) No, I’m not busy today. ( Are)
37) I am going to stay in the hotel for two weeks.(How long)
38) He closed his left eye before the experiment. (Which)
39) No, she works in an office. (Does)
40) He is Turkish. (What)
41) There is about one litre of milk in the pan. (How much)
42) They are running to catch the bus. (Why)
43) I’m kind and friendly. (What)
44) We sew clothes with needles. (How)
45) Omar worked in a factory last year. ( Where)
46) My sister studies at the University. (Where)
47) I’m reading an English story. (What)
48) There are two women in the picture. (Howmany)
49) The boys were worried, so they ran to their mother. (Why)
50) We will travel by car. (How)
51) Selma is doing the washup. (Who)



1. When does Manal get up?
2. What did Diana buy?
3. Who called the police?
4. When was the first school for the blind opened?
5. What does the food taste like?
6. Why do farmers grow sugar cane?
7. Where does Sarah study English?
8. What is Siham interested in?
9. Where does a sales assistant work?
10. What kind of person are you?
11. When did Louis Braille die?
12. What is a drill used for?
13. Where was Dan born?
14. How do they go to school?
15. How old is Lyle?
16. Who is younger than Paul?
17. Why did he stop playing?
18. How long have you been waiting for me?
19. How fast can this plane fly?
20. Why did Reda take a taxi?
21. Which subject do you like more French or English?
22. How often does Ahmed play tennis?
23. How did they go to Rabat?
24. Does she have a car?
25. What kind of person are you?
26. What are you doing at the moment?
27. How long has he been studying English?
28. Where were you born?
29. When were you born?
30. Why do you go to school?
31. Why was Mona happy?
32. What is the time?
What time is it?
33. How long have you been here?
34. When did Mr. Ali start to teach you?
35. Where do you live?
36. Are you busy today?
37. How long are you going to stay in the hotel?
38. Which eye did he close before the experiment?
39. Does she work in a factory?
40. What is his nationality?
What nationality is he?
41. How much milk is there in the pan?
42. Why are they running?
43. What kind of person are you?
44. How do we sew clothes?
45. Where did Omar work last year?
46. Where does your sister study?
47. What are you doing?
48. How many women are there in the picture?
49. Why did the boys run to their mother?
50. How will you travel?
51. Who is doing the washup?

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