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1. Fill in the gaps in the passage with A/AN, THE or 0.


  1. ___________ United Nations was set up by ___________Allies in 1945, so that _________ future wars might be avoided.
  2. I like _________ cats but not the kind that roar. The roar is __________ big cat’s way of expressing anger.
  3. __________Mexico City is one of ________most densely populated cities in the world. It is surrounded by mountains which trap _________ pollution.
  4. One of my friends is ________ research student at _______ University of Minnesota. _________ research she is doing is to find out _______ best age for learning _________ new language. In my case, ________research isn’t necessary because I’ve always been hopeless at learning languages.
  5. _________United Kingdom consists of four countries.
  6. I’d like to write _______poem, but I’ve never been good at _______poetry.
  7. ______longest river in __________Canada is ___________Mackenzie.
  8. Nowadays ________ duties which ________Queen must perform are mainly ceremonial in England.
  9. This is _________ easier exercise than _______ last one.

10.  __________Gutenberg Bible, _________first printed book in ___________Europe, was printed with _______movable type.

11.  ________world’s saltiest sea is __________Dead Sea.

12.  My firm launched _______TV advertising campaign. ________advertising campaign was quite successful. Our firm will use _________TV advertising again.

13.  ________cars are _______major source of __________pollution in _________cities.

14.  ________Hague is ________ town in _________Holland.

15.  _________spiders are ________insects.

16.  We arrived at ________Heathrow and got _____taxi which took us to ______Hyde Park in _______ centre of _______London.

17.  _______Cancer causes ______ lot of ______suffering.

18.  We learn in ____________ geography courses that _________valley surrounding _______Nile River is one of ________most fertile in _______world.

19.  Do you remember _____name of _____store which advertised _____sale of men’s shoes?

20.  _______Secretary of Labour will give speech in Dallas on ______Labour Day.

21.  _________Yellowstone National Park lies on ________broad plateau.

22.  Mr. Olsen likes _________sugar, but not ______cream in his coffee.

23.  He isn’t _______ professional musician, but he plays ______violin very well.

24.  ________Lake Erie is smaller than _______Lake Michigan. They are two of _______Great Lakes located between ________Canada and _____United States.

25.  This morning _____sailor and _____soldier were sitting across from me on _______streetcar. ______soldier was showing _____picture of his wife.

26.  It is generally believed that ______giraffe is ______voiceless animal; however, some scientists from _______University of Capetown recently reported that they heard _______bull giraffe growl.

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